About the Guesthouse

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The colonial style home was originally built in 1890 as a one and a half story, single-family residence. A major hurricane hit Galveston in 1900 and floated the house off its foundation. The original house was raised up high enough to build a complete new level underneath. Upon completion in 1906, this multi-family home became a two and a half story structure. The front of the house took on the colonial look with a front porch on each level and four large columns on both levels.

Lost Bayou Guesthouse is located in the east end of Galveston Island. Surrounded by the quaint homes of the historic Lost Bayou district, it is six blocks away from the Seawall and a short distance to the Strand District. This charming Victorian home the perfect destination for a tranquil retreat or a romantic get-away.

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